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Ling Nam Siu Lum Kung Fu Academy was established in 1984. It was the first kung fu school on Long Island that was to open to the public. Prior to that, only Hung Gar private instruction was available. 

At Ling Nam Siu Lum students are trained in all aspects of Kung Fu, including: forms, fighting technique, internal and external conditioning, weaponry, Chinese herbology, and the traditional Lion Dance. Kids classes are available and students of all ages are given the opportunity to learn Kung Fu.

In so far as "ranking" is concerned, our system has no belts, so those looking for short-term gratification may be disappointed. There are three levels attainable at Ling Nam Siu Lum: student, disciple or master. Students advance at their own pace based in large part on the "sweat equity" they've invested. Conversely, a brotherhood exists without the distraction of colored belts allowing all to work together. Senior students grow by assisting junior students and junior students benefit by having help available a great deal of the time. While there is only one Sifu, there may be several advanced students in each class who are always more than willing to share their knowledge so that you may grow. This typifies the non-commercial atmosphere you will see mentioned here frequently. 

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